Log your weight training workouts for free πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

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Weight training should be about focus and effort, so put down your notepad and let CleanLift do the rest.

βˆ™ Log your own custom workouts

βˆ™ Save reusable routines

βˆ™ Track PR lifts

βˆ™ Adjustable set timer

βˆ™ Add custom exercises to your own database

βˆ™ Much more!

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Luke Allen
Luke AllenMaker@luketimallen
I really believe in this app. I want to spread the word about it, continue to make it better via user feedback, and help people reach their goals!
Amin@footer Β· A little too much into gadgets
Looks nice! Don't have an iPhone to try it though
Would love to see an Android version.
o1xhack@o1xhack Β· cs Student, iOS Developer
I only have one stuff want to mentioned. I want to do workouts but I cannot know the name of workout means.... Do you think it's possible to add animation of a workout like the Strong app does? So that I know each steps was what