Cleanfox is a 100% free anti spam to delete and unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and spam with one click.
Cleanfox works in english, german and french with all email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, GMX, Orange Android Mail, Apple Mail etc.).
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Hey Product Hunters, We are super excited to have been product hunted (even if we took 2 days to notice it!!). Here are the key features of Cleanfox: 1) Cleanfox can help you get rid of tons of old newsletters (the kind of emails you never read twice) and free your inbox 2) Cleanfox tells you what your open rates are for each email sender (so you can easily spot what you usually never read) 3) Cleanfox can help you unsubscribe from all your unwanted newsletters 4) Cleanfox tells you how much CO2 emissions you prevented by cleaning your inbox 5) Cleanfox is compatible with every mail provider (if not, please tell us and we will add it) If you have any questions : Edouard CEO @Cleanfoxapp
@cleanfox @cleanfoxapp @edouard_nattee WARNING! DON'T USE, YOU WILL GET MORE SPAM!!! I have used this JUNK and it claims to have deleted hundreds of newsletter subscriptions. After using it for a week, I get SPAMMEND like hell in a mailbox that has very good protection and filtering. Now, I can start to add more filters because of this TERRIBLE JUNK APP! WARNING WARNING, WARNING. DO NOT USE!!! I reported this to Google!
@religion_kills Hello, I am sorry you had a bad experience on Cleanfox. You do not get spam using Cleanfox. The reason why you received those emails is that we send emails to the newsletter senders to ask them to unsubscribe you from their mailing list. And sometimes the email address of the newsletter sender sends back an email. You can reach out to if needed!
@cleanfox @louis_ball NO, it is not a confirmation mail or anything you are describing. IT IS NEW SPAM!
I'm amazed somebody thought about how much abandoned emails produce in CO2. All the more I'm horrified by the 10g of CO2 they produce per year... Very interesting. I'll have a look at it and will probably feature it on a little page I built today (about little changes in your daily life, that can make a difference to the planet).
@raindropcatcher Thanks a lot !!
Seems like a quick triage tool. Not something I would stay subscribed to but would definitely use to clean my inbox up a bit
does your app come in english?
Why does every sender have 206 emails?
@myeagleenergy Hi, can you please send us a screenshot at please?