Email cleaning/management tool which doesn't sell your data

CleanEmail helps you group and organize, remove, label, and archive emails in your account.

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The important question is... will you sell my emails?
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@iamrahulkapoor Looks like no! John Gruber's post about it.
@iamrahulkapoor And the answer is – no, we will not. Our privacy and data policy is on _every_ page of the website :)
@kyryl That's awesome then!
CleanEmail helps you organize, remove, label, and archive groups of emails in your account.
Hi @erictwillis it sounds like a great product, but only working for gmail for now
@david_senate @erictwillis Hi David, that is correct. We are working to add iCloud, Yahoo, and IMAP support in the near future. You can leave your email in the form there and we'll let you know when ready.
@erictwillis Thank you so much Eric!
@kyryl iCloud please! Gmail does a decent job with spam. iCloud's email filtering leaves much to be desired.
It seems to be in fashion to advertise to be more ethical than a known competitor. I always get reminded of Arrested Development: "Oh, also had this slogan made up. “A Colombian cartel that won’t kidnap and kill you.” I underlined “won’t,” cause it makes the competition look like..."
@jonasbjornsson well, to be honest this was on our website since almost 2 years ago when we started. Data privacy and honesty were two big things for us since the very beginning.
Hi everyone, I'm Kyryl – founder of CleanEmail. I'm happy to answer any questions you have.
@kyryl I use Boomerang a lot, and something has always bothered me. I was wondering if/how your tool can help. When a boomeranged ("this message has not been replied to") email is then replied to by the recipient, it appears in my inbox as though it was just a returned boomerang. By this I mean that it is - Unread - Has the tag "Boomerang-Returned" - Has the preview content of the last email that I sent to them The issue here is that I cannot differentiate from my inbox which returned emails have been responded to! That's a huge problem! Over a dozen times I have missed critical communications because I thought that an email was lower priority than it really was. So rather than being on the ball, I have neglected important emails for days.
@tombielecki That's a very good usecase. Let me think how we address that – I want to make sure I give a solid answer. Should I respond here or you prefer me to reach our personally (in this case feel free to shoot me an email to
Just updated the link to recognize ProductHunters – so the link now gives you 30% off a premium upgrade – any package. And you can clean/organize 1000 emails for free.
@kyryl really nice concept and very timely with the situation. I have some friends voicing concerns about privacy - I'll share with them.
@kbclauson Thank you, really appreciate that.
@kyryl I can't find the link. Can you please give it here again?
@qamar_aftab here you go - (but at the moment it's 20% off)