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Jason Dainter — Inpternational doer of things
Whats the different with this and
@jasondainter Unroll processes your emails on their servers.
Graham Gnall — Product Manager - Bluecore
@_vojto @jasondainter does unrollme actually unsub you? when i used it years ago it just labelled and hid your emails when you "unsubbed"
James Seymour-Lock — Simple as Milk
@ggnall @_vojto @jasondainter Unroll.Me blocks/hides unsubscribes then queues all unsubscribes for processing, not all subscriptions can be unsubscribed from though, either requires login by the user or no unsubscribe functionality from shady companies.
Graham Gnall — Product Manager - Bluecore
Pierrick — Frontend Developer at JS Republic
Impossible to open the app, after I've linked my Gmail account, the app always crash when checking the emails.
I'm on MacOs Sierra 10.12.2.
Christian Bagley — Solutions Architect
@pierrickgt @_vojto Unfortunately, I'm experiencing the same thing. The application will open successfully, initially, then after a second or two of processing emails it crashes every time. This behavior occurred in both 10.12.2 and 10.12.3 Beta.

Aside from that, it looks good and would be useful. Hopefully I can try it out soon!
@cp_bagley @pierrickgt guys thank you so much for reporting this. Any chance you could send me the crash log which appears after the crash? email is thanks!!
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