Clean my History

Remove 15,000 NSFW sites from your history in one click.

Sometimes you forget to delete your history after viewing NSFW sites.

We can fix that for you by clicking the remove button below. We will go through your history and compare it to over 16,000 NSFW sites and delete them from your history.

We won't EVER sell your data, in fact we don't even store anything, just delete it.

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For those times when you forget to use incognito.
@dkb868 You know this sums it up perfectly lol If you have any questions let me know :D
@dkb868 @robertjgabriel and when you don't want to clear your whole history.
how did you know how many NSFW sites are in my history?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@muphet Wouldnt you love to know :D But we just compare and delete any of the nsfw on the list.
I like it! 🙂 My only question though is, what is the competitive edge of someone using "Clean my history" to using Chromes Incognito? Aside from that great job overall man
@luis_gonzalez9 As a commenter said here its for those times you forget to use incognito mode. Thank you and if you have questions let me know :D
How did you get the 16000+ NSFW sites list?
@sunilc_ By pulling in different sources and lists. Took abit of time and come next month I will opensource it!