Watch Stanford CS & Startup lectures together

Classroomies takes a totally different approach to free MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Instead of watching lectures by yourself, you join a chat (classroom) and watch a 24/7 broadcast of Stanford lectures. Likeminded people are chiming in with questions, sharing additional resources and making valuable new connections. Loving the experience so far.

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Tnx for the hunt @jasondainter! The goal is to build a learning environment where the community is core to the experience. Quick back story: I hated school, but the one thing I miss from offline-universities are the discussions with fellow classmates. For me, that's where the magic happened. The deep discussions on a particular topic, the sharing of additional resources, making friends etc. The last few years, I became highly addicted to watching online lectures, but kept feeling this void due to the lack of community and social interactions. That's why I've built Classroomies - Bringing the social interactions of an offline university / campus to online educational content. It’s invite only at the moment, but the Producthunt community can get access with the code: PH9114
Great work on the product @jibly. How did you come up with this and maybe you could tell us a bit more about your plans over the next year?
I've been trying this out for the last few weeks, and the concept is great. I'm very excited to see where it goes from here.
@demattia is a real early adopter. Looking fwd welcoming more innovative minds to the classroom
Hey Karim, Nice idea. I like the concept. Will give it a try and send across any feedback.
@ansar Thanks Ansar. Looking forward to it
Pretty interesting concept!