Classroom Quizzes

A digital teacher’s helper for making online tests

Classroom quizzes were created to help teachers digitize their classrooms. They require zero technical skill, work on any device and take less than 10 minutes to create. Grading is automatic and students get instant feedback on every question.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
I really like how this makes it easy for educators to transition to remote testing. Especially important in times like these. ❤️
👋😺Hi Product Hunters! As an established quiz platform with 20% of our userbase working in education, we’ve been looking for ways to make teacher’s lives easier. 🍎 We’re giving a hand to teachers forced to learn how to make online lessons work. So we’re offering this for free for 3 month now during the Corona crisis to anyone officially working in education. Classroom quizzes enable education professionals to: ✅ Make fun & educational online quizzes ✅ Automatically grade online exams ✅ Give students instant feedback on correct/incorrect answers ✅ Analyze the class’ performance at a glance ✅ Yes, you can put images, gifs and videos in it 🎓 All that with absolutely no technical skills. If you can send an email, you can make an automatically graded classroom quiz with instant feedback. We made it easy because we know you have other things to focus on right now. 📣📣📣 If you are an education professional write to our support over the chat in the tool and request your 3 months of free offering. Otherwise use code HUNT for 25% off for your first 3 months.
already using this feature; one client wanted to add quizzes inside his teachable but teachable quizzes were limited; so used this 2 weeks back :D
nice. really cool tool!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Almost 2 years on and I love this tool even better than ever. keeps adding brilliant new features and their service and support is top notch. 10 out of 10.