A helmet that alerts you when cars are in your blind spot

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Hi @everyone, I am one of the Co-Founders of Brooklyness, We just launched the CLASSON: An intelligent bike helmet that detects cars approaching in your blind spot, and has motion activated brake and turn signals so that you are aware of your environment and more visible to others. Happy to answer any questions. Happy hunting!
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@supermanuelsaez I am sure that one day smart helmets will be the norm, glad to see you guys are on the front row to make it happen. +congrats on your kickstarter! way to go
@pierrebecerril @supermanuelsaez it should be mandatory already :/
Thanks @pierrebecerril You can see it!
These guys at Brooklyness really know what they are doing! pres of Argentina gave Obama a Brooklyness bike when Obama visited.... This is Amazing helmet design!
@sosventures Thanks Sean! Now we need to get Obana the CLASSON Helmet :)
One the best helmets I have seen on the market. Unfortunately April 2017 is way too far to back it. I have backed many projects and I decided I should hold off until their official release. Good luck though!
@jwr_ At least they are being realistic instead of the usual method of plunking down a random date for the kickstarter campaign and worrying about how long it will actually take later.
Love you Manuel!!! Can't wait to get my hands on a classon!!!!
This is going to be the best smart bike helmet on the market. Manny is an amazing industrial designer with many awards to his name and it shows in the human-centered design approach that he's brought to the product. This helmet will help keep you safe (some great computer vision tech under the lid) and make you look real pretty while it's doing it.