Make classes using existing links, videos, images and files

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Looks like a simple way to curate your own course. Curated, a tool for creating an email-based newsletter of links, articles, etc., could also be used for this.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! :)
Hey, Please let me know if you have any feedback, questions or suggestions. Classmill helps you quickly put together classes using links, videos, images and files. Hope you give it a shot :) Tariq
@tariqrauf I am a prime potential user of this product, I am creating courses, and I don't get what makes it cool. Needs a 1,2,3 explainer copy or a video. Good luck!
@joshdance Thanks for the feedback Joshua. Main difference between Classmill and other learning platforms is Classmill does not rely on the teacher producing content. Teachers put together classes using existing content thats already out there: with links, youtube videos, images and files. You should give it a go :)