A desktop toy for those with a passion for classic computers

Classicbot is a series of designer toys made for those with a passion for classic computer designs. They have the iconic iMac G3 along with retro icon toys coming soon as well!

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Love this :) What are the robot’s dimensions?
@andreaspizsa Hi it is around 10cm tall.
Hi @philip_lee1 love this product! Would you consider expanding the idea to other retro hardware in future e.g. mobile phones?
@abadesi thank you so much. I always want to expand it. Camera may br the next one. As a lot of them have nice form factor. But for now I will focus on computer. Hopefully a couple new models next year.
Really nice idea! Looking at the third image (only the Macintosh) I was wondering: are the limbs detachable? Are the connected with magnets? Because thats the only image without the body parts.
@joid Had the same question
@joid @joshdance yes it is attached by magnet. So you can take them off and display in computer.
@joid @joshdance to be clearer. The arms are attached by magnet. The legs are joined with a simple peg.
i love the idea!