Classic Macintosh UI Kit

100+ elements inspired by the iconic, classic software

You will get 100+ Symbols packaged as a Sketch Library, which including 50+ elements from 10+ categories, 35+ vector icons (yes, the Happy Macintosh too) and 10+ vector cursors, and it's almost all editable!
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This project was archived for months and lately I've been working on this it and finally launched it! In the future, I'm planning to publish an improved version of this kit with more elements, more icons (including some fun ones), some ready-made screens and another features and improvements like pixelated round corners.
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Let's say the UI is fine, but you added icons into the package as well and allow buyers to use them "in unlimited personal and commercial projects". Those icons are designed by Susan Kare - - and you should at least ask for permission before selling them under such a license.
@serbanmd Got it, thanks!
She is now the Creative Director at Pinterest if you want to contact her there.