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These products seem to be all the rage at the moment! I wonder what angle Classeur is taking to differentiate from the pack?
@bentossell Collaborative, browser and desktop. Seems nice, but the UI really bugs me.
@iamunr @bentossell Yes, I was just about to say it - the UI is not good.
@nichlaswa @iamunr - what products in this space do you prefer? I must admit that I haven't used them!
@iamunr @nichlaswa, can you be more specific about what in the UI bugs you? I don't see it.
Cool product! Slick UI. However it misses one big feature in collaboration: "Suggestions" (like on Google Doc). If the creators are around: Is it coming soon?
I love Markdown, and I'm excited that Classeur has a Mac app and uses Google for identity. The organization of files into folders with tabs seems really intuitive to me (& is a big pain point with Google Docs). I'm not certain about the editing/export view in the document itself, but it's not bugging me too much. I wouldn't consider this an alternative to a dedicated, paid app like Ulysses, but it does at first tryout seem like a contender to replace Hackpad - a great alternative to Google Docs. I haven't tried unlocking the collaboration feature in the paid tier (which, at $5/mo, is pretty reasonable)
Love love love this!
The best markdown editor ever. Your're the boss!