Class Solver

Helping place students in the right classes

Class Solver is an easy to use system for placing students into classes as they move from grade to grade. It seamlessly adapts to your school’s approach to class placement and helps you make complex decisions effortlessly.

Hi people, my name is Vlado and I am the CTO of Class Solver. Class Solver started it's life initially as an excel spreadsheet and it has now evolved into a SaaS based product that allows it to scale. Our goal was to create a product for teachers and schools that allows them to easily make the right decisions for children that makes sure they are in a class that works for them. We visualise the data in different ways to help them do that. I would love to hear back from anyone in the education space on how they do this now and what extra features we could put on our product roadmap to improve the product going forward and provide more help to teachers and schools alike.
@vladzz Hi Vlado 👋 what geographies are you targeting with this?
@lanre__akin Hi, we have started with Australia and New Zealand and now putting features in our roadmap to try and crack the US market. We have had good feedback so far.
@vladzz That sounds so exciting! Goodluck!!