Keeps students/teachers in sync on assignments & class info

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@rrhoover Gah! I added a space in the name, should just be ClassOwl - any way you can fix it?
I like this idea a lot - how does it compare to Remind101?
@Besvinick sure. Whereas Remind101 is a secure messaging app for teachers/students/parents (like whatsapp, sms, etc), our product organizes the entire classroom. Students have assignments, tests, deadlines, requirements -- tons of things to remember -- and we give them everything they need on their phones. Teachers have remarked to us that after using it, their students turn in less late homework, come to class more prepared, and are less stressed out. Feel free to try it with the code "EarlyBird2014": Would love to get your feedback.
Thanks for submitting, @shellen! Feel free to give ClassOwl a spin with the code "EarlyBird2014" here: We've been building this since we were sophomores at Stanford b/c we see a huge/untapped market for education apps that help students do better in traditional, brick-and-mortar schools.
Really nice, I wish I had that when I was a student. Two questions: - Did you manage to have a whole school using it? - Do you plan to allow students to upload documents for a specific assignment?
@lucascerdan yep, our first pilot high school implemented school-wide (which was awesome). And we're listening to feedback from teachers and students before answering your second question.
@sampurtill - thanks for clarifying. Just took a quick spin through it with the code you provided. It seems like a next-gen version of Blackboard, the crappy platform I was stuck using as a high school and college student. Is that more in line with how you see the product?
@Besvinick thanks! BlackBoard and LMSs in general are pretty good at helping teachers "manage" their classes. ClassOwl helps teachers AND students manage their classes in the most effortless way possible, something that has never been done before.