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Entrepreneur @dhawalhshah . Nice presentation and search functionality. Reminded me of @academicearth
There are also a lot of these on the market, and while they're great services, typically they aren't great businesses. Either they're free courses and it's a free service or you have paid courses and you get commission but people search for those very rarely. Really like the design and functionality, though. It's super clean and I immediately understood the user flow. Nice job there. Just curious about biz model.
@benparr how do the MOOCs that the universities offer differ from the MOOCs that companies like Coursera offer?
@eriktorenberg Coursera is a platform through which universities offer MOOCs. So far they have 100+ partners (university and non university):
@benparr Currently we are experimenting with ads from top MOOC providers who have paid courses/services. We only index free high quality courses. I don't want to dilute the the quality of courses we have by having paid courses so we can get commission fee out of it.