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Jonathan Hursh@jonathanhursh · Founder @ Utopia
I'm sorry to be cynical but I hope engineers and designers on product hunt would place their considerable talents on much more significant things for this world. We need to aspire to more.
Joelle Alcaidinho@joelle_writes · ACI Researcher, misanthropic gadabout
@jonathanhursh is this any worse than subscription services for coffee or geek paraphernalia? Is your issue with subscription services in general or any startup focused on consumer goods? While this product isn't focusing on purifying water or curing disease I can see a market for it and does not seem any less worthy of being on PH than any of the other majority of products and services here which also don't have a humanitarian focus.
Joelle Alcaidinho@joelle_writes · ACI Researcher, misanthropic gadabout
@jonathanhursh actually one could argue that this service could benefit the world by reducing the number of handbags people buy and then dispose of in landfills if you want to look at it that way....
Jonathan Hursh@jonathanhursh · Founder @ Utopia
@joelle_writes It wasn't fair for me to put this comment on this particular product post. It struck a nerve and I didn't know where else to post it on PH. I believe most of us will go towards more of a subscription model that allows us to access cars, houses, phones fluidly. In some cases, this will deeply reduce the total number of things. In this particular case, it's about generating more handbags. My core thought though is that I see and experience so many great challenges in front of the world. We literally can create a much better future, particularly when we look at the situation globally. And yet when I scroll through PH, I'm assaulted with the trivial. The shadow of the trivial even. It's not as much a criticism on those creating as it is a hope they can be inspired to use their energy beyond the non-trivial.
Collin Graves@gravescollin · Platform Engineer, Zipnosis
@jonathanhursh it may be trivial for you, as a grown male whose work focuses on urban planning. But from some vantage points, this idea is probably worth pursuing. Not only does it work to reduce production footprints, but it gives access to designer handbags to people who otherwise may have never been granted that opportunity. Perhaps that's a moonshot; either way, it's probably not worth shooting down like one would shoot down a more "trivial" idea.
Jonathan Hursh@jonathanhursh · Founder @ Utopia
@gravescollin fair enough. Again, this was the wrong room for me to make that comment since my headspace was on Product Hunt in general. To fairly focus on this particular product for a moment, I assume the person sends back the current handbag at the end of the month vs accumulating 12 by the end of the year?
Arun PattnaikHunter@arunpattnaik · UX'er for web startups, maker of things.
You sign up for a monthly subscription of $45 and they send you one of their latest, in-season handbags straight to your door every month.
Jonathan Hursh@jonathanhursh · Founder @ Utopia
They have the smarts and the drive. If they re-focused their energies, they could have exponential impact. On themselves and their world around them. I hope they can be inspired. I don't know how the PH community could help in this. Is is possible to encourage each other towards a higher aspiration?