Clash Royale

The next game from Supercell, makers of Clash of Clan

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash of Clans characters and much, much more.

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Fuses the elements of three of the top mobile games out right now (Clash of Clans, Hearthstone and Bloons TD) and puts them into one package with huge potential!
And it is out... here is the link to itunes : & Google Play
This game is currently in a soft launch. If you happen to be in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, or Iceland, you can play it. A global release and an Android version will be releasing soon.
Website is instead of the pocketgamer link. :)
Tried this one today. I can't make up my mind yet, if I liked it or annoyed with the F2P mechanics. I feel like this one has more agressive F2P mechanics than other Supercell games, and definetly these mechanics are much more annoying than Hearthstone. I compared with Hearthstone cause @andythegiant explained the game using Hearthstone. The gameplay is simple enough to be played by alot of mobile gamers though.