Send messages with audio clips of popular music, TV, YT etc.

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Hailey Shannon
  • Pros: 

    Lets you choose what clips you want to use on some words.


    too short, limited number of clips, some words not available

    Not as good as "Let them sing it for you"

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Phillip Pastore
Phillip PastoreMaker@phillippastore · Founder @ProjectClash, @AMPERGRAM
Hey there Product Hunters! A few years ago, I was driving home flipping through radio stations and heard it speak a phrase to me from different sources. I thought it was really amusing and when I got home, I tried to describe it to my wife. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, that might be cool, but I'd have to hear it to get it. So, I went and edited it together. We cracked ourselves up on how Grizzly Bear cut into Drake, to LL Cool J, to Lady Gaga. It was exciting to see how drastically different genres could work together, but each still had a specific discernible sound. Then, I was seeing all types of messages shared on social media linking to full songs, YouTube videos, music videos, etc, but only calling out one snippet. Why not just send exactly what you mean? Clash gives users this ability (along with direct links to the original works of art) to make your point - and a statement. I want everyone to use Clash because it helps you say what you mean. I'd like to grow Clash's library of audio clips and get more people using it. How could you use Clash? I would love to hear your thoughts!