AI powered assistant that dials into calls and takes notes

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This is legit one of the most ingenious uses of AI I've seen in a while. Nailed the simplicity and execution πŸ™Œ
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@ambonium Thanks for the kind words! We want it to be an unobtrusive, useful tool!
Hi Product Hunters! I'm Shishir, founder of Thank you @daveambrose for hunting us, and all of you for the encouraging comments and support! Call Notes - Everyone wants 'em, No one wants to be stuck taking 'em. Calls a big time sink, not just during, but also after (organizing notes, manually updating CRM, slack etc). Often, the note-taking process is wasteful as well. Time spent on taking notes could be better utilized. Money spent either on a human assistant, or a $100/hr transcription service could be better utilized. Don't believe your interns if they say they like taking notes. We're tackling a big, interesting problem - transforming large amounts of content (be it text or audio) into useful, digestible summaries. The applications are endless, we've just found a real problem we could help with right away. How does it work? Just like a real human assistant, you'd simply cc or send Claire (or Cleary) a calendar invite. As long as there is a dial-in number / pin provided, she will dial in and take notes. Notes are delivered to you email. You could even get notes delivered straight to your CRM/ Productivity tool of choice (Slack, Salesforce, Trello, etc). Does it capture to-dos/ action items? Yes, there's a bias towards next steps and action items. Does it dial into any number? Yes, as long as there isn't a speaking requirement (some services require you to say your name etc). Who is currently using it? Individuals and teams ranging from boutique firms to enterprises such as SAP, Deloitte. Sales execs, Management consultants, Lawyers, Financial advisors make up the bulk of our current users. Is HIPAA compliant? No. It may be something we do later down the road. How do I get access? We're adding new users every week, in an effort to maintain the best experience possible. We are working hard to get this in the hands of everyone as fast as possible. Anything else? Comment here or drop us a note at
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Free trial would make sense
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@eli_weiss You get notes on your first few calls for free. You don't get charged until you send first "non-free" calendar invitation. Instead of a time bound trial, we felt this was the fairest way.
@sr_banksy @eli_weiss You're still asking for a credit card up front before any value has been proven. Perhaps you could have some sample audio files of meetings and the corresponding notes so we can see just how well it works before selecting a paid plan.
Does it work if the conference is over Skype or another VoIP client?
@abhishekg Right now, we're focused on calls we can dial into. Hangouts, VoIP, are planned for a future release.
is this recording the calls? I Know that many "AI powered" things are actually heavily assisted by humans. if it's doing any call recording, then it would be worth baring in mind the laws of the state that you're calling from
@_jacksmith From their website: "Trained technicians may go over your notes to make sure is learning and improving. We do this to improve our service and develop new ones... We restrict access of personal information to employees, contractors and agents who need to know that information in order to process it for us. They are subjected to strict confidentiality obligations and may be disciplined or terminated if they fail to meet these standards." (https://clarkeai.helpscoutdocs.c...) If you're looking for a completely automated and secure solution, check out Cassette ( Not quite the same but could be used for the same use case Full disclosure, I work at Cassette :)