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Your Personal Finance & Spending Tracker

Clarity Money is your personal financial advocate. With over 600,000 users since its launch in January 2017, Clarity Money uses data science and machine learning to analyze your personal finances and help you make smarter decisions with your money

Previously available on iOS, Clarity Money recently announced its launch to Android

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Clarity Money is built by a passionate team (myself included), and we are looking to help Americans understand where their money is going, and surface actionable insights as to how you can do better. Get in touch with us in-app if you'd like to chat!


All your finances in one place, helps you save money in places you didn't know you could.


Support more institutions. However, if a bank is not supported, it is often the bank not cooperating. I know this because I work here!

Hi, Marc Atiyeh here, We’re excited to announce our recent launch on Android and desktop, bringing Clarity Money to consumers on any device, anywhere. As demand for Clarity Money increased, we realized that this was next step to help increase our reach but also help more consumers have an unbiased advocate helping them navigate their financial lives. We built Clarity Money with the well-being of consumers in mind. We wanted to provide a tool to help improve users’ financial lives at the touch of a button. We believe in empowering our users to have transparency and control of their finances by arming them with actionable insights using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our easy-to-use app provides users with the ability to take action through cancelling recurring subscriptions, bill negotiation tools, personalized credit card recommendations, the ability to create a savings account, and investing capabilities through our recent partnership with Acorns. If you’re looking to take control of your finances, I highly encourage you to download Clarity Money and try out what we’ve built. Thank you! Marc Atiyeh CSO Clarity Money
Amazing! Was wasting money on subscriptions that I don’t even use until you guys showed me.

There is even more to come from our team at Clarity Money!


Personal advocacy, simplicity, and reliability.


No better alternative! :)