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Idris — Founder & CTO, Truebill
Congrats on the launch and welcome to the club! Looks like you scraped some images and elements (like service logos) from Truebill. Maybe add a "Powered by Truebill" attribution?
Jourdan Urbach — CTO, Ocho
@idris Your marketing folks seem to like it ;P
Jack Smith — Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@jourdanurbach lol, it looks like they've updated the blog post to remove the mention now.

shows up in the google cache though: http://webcache.googleuserconten...
Justin Mitchell — Designing Products st
@idris this needs more upvotes for visibility
Matt Brender — Developer Advocate, Intel
@idris I appreciate you bringing this up and especially the tone in which you did.

Has anyone from Clarity Money either confirmed or denied this? The lack of a response is far worst IMO than the action alone.
Jack Smith — Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Wonder why they decided to make this when there are already a number of other apps that do the same thing which raised VC funding last year
Sean Washington — Developer, Octopus Creative
@_jacksmith mind linking a couple?
Boris Berenberg — Atlas Authority
@seanwashington I use Truebill.
Andy Cook — Cofounder -
@_jacksmith Even if there are other identical competitors, if the product is relatively straight forward to build without many technological barriers, then a late-to-the-game startup that is the best at distribution can still win. Perhaps that's the move?
Freak so — Manager
@seanwashington @_jacksmith Truebill there is both android and iOS apps
Adam Dell — Clarity Money
@_jacksmith There is no other app that allows you to: lower bills, cancel accounts, create a savings account, get a better credit card and get your credit score - all within the app and all at the push of a button. Hope you enjoy using Clarity Money.
vishal srivastava — Data@claritymoney
@annonymous We are actively working on our Android app.
Evan Kimbrell — Founder, Sprintkick
@adam_dell @_jacksmith Individually, each of those features has an app (or 3) dedicated to it already. I do like that you went for the cohesive "saving money" approach. Makes sense that they're related. Hope this works out
Sébastien Barrau — Co-founder, htmlsig and passpass
@imatincr @seanwashington but Truebill doesn't handle budgeting, it just shows subscriptions, Also from the screenshots seems that you can cancel subscriptions from within Clarity (Not sure true bill does that).
Matthew Hui — Founder @
@seanwashington @_jacksmith Truebill, Bobby, Trim
Marc Atiyeh — CSO at Clarity Money
@evankimbrell Exactly! Thanks Evan. Feedback is always appreciated
vishal srivastava — Data@claritymoney
@evankimbrell yes thats the idea. Our vision is to win our users trust and make clarity money their one stop destination to all things finance. Its a gigantic vision, but our team and investors are committed to it.
vishal srivastava — Data@claritymoney
@imatincr As mentioned, we do a lot more than just cancel subscriptions. That is not our product, its just a feature. We hope you will give clarity money a shot. Thanks
Jason Shultz — Senior Software Engineer, 3form
@vishal_in @annonymous that's what they all say . . . :(
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