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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@danmartell - it would be fun to host a Q&A. For those looking to build their brand, it's a great way to create content with little effort relative to blogging which takes most people several hours. Not that you need it my help, but let me know if you'd like my recommendations of experts to feature. Also, we should chat about tapping into the PH community. I'll drop you an email. :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I've taken several calls on Clarity (I have another scheduled next week) and really enjoy the experience, although you lose some fidelity and personal touch without video. Excited to try this out and I really like the one-to-many, AMA-style approach with live events (surprise surprise!). @danmartell - it's smart to move to a subscription service and provide on-going education/advice through live events. One of the issues Clarity has is that when you have a business issue, you might go to Clarity to get advice but once resolved, you probably won't come back for several weeks or months (at least this is my assumption -- correct me if I'm wrong). cc @bwertz How do the live events work exactly? Do you have a cap on the number of attendees? @ericries' upcoming event will draw a crowd. P.S. here's the previous thread on Clarity 2.0's launch.
Frank Fumarola
Frank Fumarola@ffumarola · Product at Pinterest, Formerly Facebook
I went to view all past recordings to see if the library was actually something I'd value, but it hits me with a sign up wall. I may not be a typical user, but I would need to check out the value of the library before paying.
Dan Martell
Dan Martell@danmartell · Founder, Clarity
@rrhoover thanks for the questions. Clarity Calls & repeat usage - many of our customer use Clarity every week. However, it's not only for business advice. They use it to learn new skills, conduct market research (i.e. Customer Development) and yes - strategic advice to grow their business. Our goal is to continue building better education and recommendation features to help educate a larger audience on those use cases. re: Clarit Live - it's a natural extension. I believe in mapping to existing human behaviour, and if you look at how people engage with other - in group formats - it only made sense. Video is the perfect solution for this. So the way Clarity live works is 1 Expert 7 Members (Max)* * However it is recorded. The Eric Ries event we'll be simulcasting it to 20 locations around the world as a way to kick start the awareness of Clarity Live - however we have 30+ others queued up and happening over the past 2 months. My vision is to eventually get to the point where all our experts have the ability to host and promote these events as a way to build their reputation and create great content for their profiles. In the short term, it's highly curated. @ffumarola that's a horrible experience - let me work with the team to fix this. In the mean time, here's a link to a few highlight answers - hope that helps. See you all on the other side of a Clarity Live membership :)
Dan Martell
Dan Martell@danmartell · Founder, Clarity
@rrhoover it's something we'll open up in the future - but for now - it's curated since there's already platforms out there that can do video Q&A, our value is verified thought leaders & experts. I would love some recommendations - however, for now - we're focusing on existing experts and reward them for being awesome on Clarity. If there's anyone on Clarity that we don't have in our lineup that you want to hear from - just email - we'll get that going. Some day we'll be hosting hundreds per day. Just building our engine to offer this in a high quality way :)