Awesome tools to help you launch and manage your career.

Clarify equips you with the necessary tools to help you launch and manage your career, from achievement journaling to evaluation preparation and individual development plans.

Your boss won't be the only one prepared at this year's performance review.

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JC Alvarez
Hello Hunters! I'm JC the solo maker of Clarify, my first product. Thanks for checking us out, first time launching on PH! Pretty psyched! We built Clarify because often times in our performance reviews and in our résumés we have the tendency to solely focus on our job descriptions when instead we should be highlighting the things we've achieved and the areas in which we've created value for our organizations. Clarify is perfect for you if you want to track your professional achievements and be Performance Review ready in seconds. You'll be prepared at your next Performance Review with a list of professional achievements, your compensation, and your own development plan that you can discuss with your boss. All of this easily prepared for you in a PDF report. You'll be able to quickly and tactfully discuss the areas in which you've created value for your organization and naturally transition the conversation to your compensation, career development, and much more. We're live on our web app, Clarify, which you can access on the web from anywhere with your desktop or mobile device. Would love for you to give it a try and provide any constructive feedback you may have. 😸 Follow us on Twitter Happy Achieving! JC