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#4 Product of the DayOctober 27, 2016



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Joshua Weiner@joshuaweiner
I've been using Clara for about six months to schedule sales calls and have noticed a dramatic improvement in speed and ability to handle interactions with human warmth. It's (She's?) awesome!
maran nelsonMaker@marannelson · CEO, Clara Labs
@joshuaweiner thank you kindly! We're actually putting together sales-specific case studies now. One of the big boosts our customers see when they start with Clara is the ability to close a lot more meetings.. As we scale up, Clara's response times get faster and Clara learns to handle challenging cases more elegantly. It's a win-win -- as we have more customers, everyone gets a faster and smarter Clara.
Jake Gibson@iamjakestream
I've been using Clara for while now, and even stopped using (which was free at the time) because Clara was so much better. The only thing I wish she could do for me is predict my location and plan meetings accordingly, since I'm on the road a lot. For example, some days I'm in Palo Alto, and some days in San Francisco. But I never want to do both because of the crazy travel time. So batch my meetings accordingly, based on the location of the person I'm meeting. Also if my calendar says "Jake in NYC", she should recognize that everyone I'm meeting those days is in NY and should be scheduled on ET. Any plans to implement something like this? Even without this though, probably the biggest productivity enhancer I've used in the last few years! Keep the hits coming!
maran nelsonMaker@marannelson · CEO, Clara Labs
@iamjakestream expect more locations solutions to come your way, Jake! And thanks for the kind words.
Rotem Yakir@rotemthegolfer · Guggy CEO - Make your friends laugh
Wow! this is really really cool!
maran nelsonMaker@marannelson · CEO, Clara Labs
@rotemthegolfer Rotem I love this GIF. That said: really, try Clara. If you have even 8 meetings a week, you're spending half an hour a day coordinating them without even noticing. Bigger than the time savings? Clara gives you *peace of mind* because you start doing your job better. Things you "should've" done but forgot to do? "Add my phone number just in case to the event description", "Include details about the parking garage nearby", "Actually follow up when you tell me to 'follow up in a week!'" -- they all just start happening. And you don't drop the ball. Clara is an indispensable partner to *people managers*.
Rotem Yakir@rotemthegolfer · Guggy CEO - Make your friends laugh
@marannelson I understand the benefits here but I think you should have a plan for startups. 200$ a month is a lot!
Keir Williams@keirwilliams · Officer at @TheGreenParty
@rotemthegolfer @marannelson And for individuals.
Gregory Koberger@gkoberger · Founder, 📘🦉
Been using Clara for a few months, and I love it. Scheduling takes so much cognitive load; I love being able to just CC Clara. One of my favorite features is "code words"... you can make a code word like "quick meeting" => "do a phone call instead of in-person", so when you say "Let's have a quick talk", Clara magically knows your preference. Definitely worth checking out!
Adam Marx@adammarx13 · Freelance writer/editor and music addict
This is actually something I'd be excited to try out. Lately, I've had so many things to juggle that scheduling has become a challenge. Will be interested to see how Clara helps with that. :) Congrats on a great launch, @marannelson.
maran nelsonMaker@marannelson · CEO, Clara Labs
@adammarx13 excited to support you, Adam! Startup CEO, yes? Feel free to email me,, and I'll send you my Clara preferences. May help you think through how to get Clara to help you spend your time well as a startup founder. If I can suggest *one* thing when you start with a trial - leave your conceptions about "bots" behind. Clara is not a bot; a bot is only a *fraction* of what we've designed here. Clara is as smart as a person... but 24/7, cheaper, and more reliable. Clara was designed to manage the hundreds of tiny details every week that you may otherwise forget or not have time to do. Clara is a *much* more robust system than most people recognize on the outset... a problem we're trying to solve via better trial onboarding (a work in progress!). For example: - If you want travel time added to your meetings so you know how long it'll take to get somewhere? - An additional 15 minute block in between meetings to cushion in case they run over? - To block meetings in the afternoons so you have your mornings clear, unless you specify otherwise? - To add your cell details to every conference call event description so there's always a back-up phone option? Clara can do all of this, and loads more.
Adam Marx@adammarx13 · Freelance writer/editor and music addict
@marannelson @claralabs Thanks so much, I'll look into it! :)