Virtual employee that schedules your meetings.

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As a team of two, we are constantly looking for ways to better manage our time. If there is one thing that we do every day, multiple times per day, it is schedule meetings. As an investor, let’s assume (conservatively) that we take 10-12 intro meetings with entrepreneurs each week. Each meeting comes with approximately 10 minutes of back and forth emailing, accumulating to 2hrs a week or 8hrs a month spent on scheduling. Now, let’s double that time to include follow-up meetings with entrepreneurs and catch-up meetings with other investors, etc. - and we’re at a total of 16-20hrs/months spent on scheduling alone. Multiply this by two, since there are two of us managing the fund. With the help of Clara, we are able to devote this saved time towards sourcing more deals — which is the most important task for an investor :)
Agreed, @ATKingyens. Clara makes my life so much easier. If it weren't for the team at Clara, I don't know how I'd manage my inbox and calendar.
I use Amy from for this and it's incredible. I didn't realize there were two competing products!
Two things I love about Clara: 1.They're perfectly marrying time management and technology by addressing the problem at its root. AI/HCI will eventually transform the way we work, but since productivity is so personal it is really difficult problem to tackle. I think Clara has a very strong approach, as much of my day to day is sucked away by scheduling and small details. I’m really looking forward to watching them grow. 2. @marannelson is an awesome founder - she's inspiring, passionate and extremely thoughtful. Products reflect their founders and you can see that in the product's attention to detail and flawless delivery.