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I've been using Clara for months -- it saves a significant amount of time that I used to spend going back and forth scheduling calls and meetings. I can give Clara my preferences (i.e. no meetings on Wednesdays and my favorite spots for coffee or lunch meetings), and the rest is taken care of. At Stripe, we're beginning to use Clara for much more than just scheduling.
@cjc what sort of things are you starting to use it for beyond scheduling?
Hi all! Excited to be on PH. Wanted to note a few things that are particularly core as we build Clara: 1. Reliability is key. We measure our success, first and foremost, by this metric. 2. Focus on one use-case at a time, but deliver robustly. Clara only manages calendaring but is capable of more than just being CC’d in on an email exchange; she can coordinate complex recruiting and on-boarding flows, send outbound sales emails, and manage frequent, tedious follow-ups. 3. Ultimately, our sights are set on delivering Clara to everyone. AI will be built piecemeal and with commercial intent. Happy to answer any questions you may have; feel free to reach me directly at maran@claralabs.com.
@marannelson I just started using Clara this weekend. It like it - congrats on building an interesting product. Quick question: How much of this interaction is "AI" verse a human in the background tweaking the response?
Love your landing page, @marannelson. It's delightful and feels somewhat futuristic. I'm very curious to know how much is automated and how much is done by humans. Will Clara always be some combination of machines and people? One concern I have is revealing sensitive information (about myself or the person I'm communicating with) when cc'ing Clara. Who's reading these emails and how do you instill trust? cc'ing @msg of Super.cc, which has many similarities.
Clara is the bomb, and I've heard nothing but awesome feedback from the teams using it. Founders are pretty killer too. :)
we've had some interesting personal assistant products on recently. just yesterday we had jarvis. http://www.producthunt.com/posts...