Seamlessly record your Mac's screen, microphone and camera

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Seamlessly record your Mac's screen, microphone and camera. Edit your recordings and share them as movie or animated GIF/PNG.

By purchasing the Pro Exporter Pack, you can also integrate Claquette into your Final Cut Pro X workflow.



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Alli Shea@allisonshea30 · Surfing all the couches
What do you see as the most applicable / popular use case here? Can personally see myself using this for email newsletters, in particular.
Thomas ZoechlingMaker@weichsel · Founder, Peakstep
@allisonshea30 I am personally using it to enhance bug reports or GitHub issues. We also use one animated screenshot on our product page. Sometimes I also send my mum a small GIF that shows her how to attach a photo to an email or something like that :)
Alli Shea@allisonshea30 · Surfing all the couches
@weichsel Ah, interesting! I bet folks working on more technical support teams could find it useful as well. Good call re: Mom explanations. I'll have to do the same :)
Thomas ZoechlingMaker@weichsel · Founder, Peakstep
@allisonshea30 yes - also works great for support :) I am occasionally answering support mail with GIFs.
Richard Sison@richardsison
Freaking love it. Got a few requests though: - Gif export filesize preview. Just so I can tweak until I'm happy before the exporting. - Saved presets for advanced options on export. So I don't have to re-set the settings for every export. - Would be helpful to export directly to Droplr instead of exporting a file, to then upload manually. It might be there already, but Droplr doesn't appear on my share screen options? - Would like the ability to drag a box for my selected record area. In addition to using the handles because that's still helpful (especially the center-guides!) So freaking close to a perfect product. Great job!
Thomas ZoechlingMaker@weichsel · Founder, Peakstep
@richardsison Thank you for the detailed feedback. - I'd also love to have a preview for the file size. The problem is, that we'd have to perform a full export pass for each changed setting to determine the exact file size. Not sure yet, how I can implement this. - We currently only support a subset of the sharing services. It's planned to support all services that make sense for video/gif assets in the future. We also plan to make it possible to set a default export type for each service (e.g. H.264 video for Mail, GIF for Twitter, ...) - This is one of our most common feature requests. So it's already on our list. Personally I think that selecting the crop region after recording makes more sense than defining that region beforehand. Because for video it's harder to estimate the needed region than for a still image.
Richard Sison@richardsison
@weichsel Oh i personally don't mind the full-screen record. I didn't expect it at first, but realised it's actually pretty good for flexibility. I just meant that setting the crop region via a drag-box would be a good alternative to using handles only. I hope saved presets for advanced options isn't too tricky though? I'd probably find the sweet spot of "good enough" quality for my needs and always use that.
Thomas ZoechlingMaker@weichsel · Founder, Peakstep
@richardsison Oh. I forgot to answer that point above :) We already store all settings, except "Number of Colors" and "Dithering Level" in the user defaults. Those two settings are very specific to the recorded material. E.g. if you have a lot of gradients but not too many colors in your recording, you want a high dithering level but a low color count. Those two values need manual tweaking to achieve optimal results, so we fall back to sane defaults for each export.
Avi Lambert@avi_lambert · Lambert Strategy Group Ltd.
Intrigued, used to use Screenflow, now using Snagit's video recording solution. Will check this out in future.
B Beldagli@bbeldagli · UX Designer
Mac Os already supports screen rec with mic. What's the Claquette's benefit? only exporting gif and trimming capture?
Stephen Voisey@stephenvoisey · Digital Consultant, Pathfinder
Bought it today. Perfect for what I'm trying to do and the Vimeo export is perfect, although a little hidden (Maybe it should appear in file/export menu?). Thanks Thomas, keep up the great work :)