Get more claps and followers on your Medium articles ๐Ÿ‘

Increase your follow & likes count with this tiny little Gif of your article.

You might have seen a GIF at the end of few medium articles which claps and follows writer's profile. Clappy generates this GIF for your own articles.

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Great job! Next thing is a magic button for creating good content, I'm sure these two will play great together ;)
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Upvoting for the name alone.
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How did you prove that this actually makes a difference @g__patil?
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@amrith Hi Amrith, I consider it as a call to action that usual websites have. Although not of much importance but it makes users to hit that button using visuals is what I feel,
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@g__patil i think what is being asked here, is what a/b testing did you do, to verify your claim that it actually worked, providing data of before and after
@balupton Hi Benjamin, To be frank this just came out yesterday and few writers started doing this in the past, even Mr. Quincy Larson, and another author wrote an article how to generate this at a basic level, these articles did receive lots of claps and I think that was because people were interested in having that in their articles too. This is the very reason that this was built and the above statement of mine, that's all. To answer A/B testing, nope we haven't done any of that kind. But I would like to do that. I and @s_omeal will try to figure out a way to do that. BTW we have these in my articles too (, I setup them up recently have to see what changes.
@amrith @g__patil shouldn't your website GET STARTED button have a gif above it too? would definitely add credibility to the method ;)
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Thank you for that @dnurzynski. Few users have submitted wrong links, now I get what you are saying. It will be updated. Thanks a lot.
Great job!! ๐Ÿ˜Š Want this for Wordpress? Any plugin available?
@ayush_chandra Hello Ayush, Thanks a lot for that. Actually the setup that we are running is particular to this. I ll keep it a surprise untill I write an article on it. But it can be extended and the idea of having this kind of plugin for wordpress seems cool too. Can you be specific of what would you expect from that plugin?? Thanks again.
Wanted to try but got "invalid link" email after submission, though I'm quite sure I submitted a clean link to my article. Sorry in advance if I messed up. ๐Ÿ˜ธ
@igoruphere Hi Igor, Thanks a lot for showing your interest in Clappy. We have mentioned that the article you submit for free version should not be the one that is published under a publication. That's all, submit another link and you will get it for sure. Thanks a lot.
@g__patil Riiiiight, that's what I missed. Thanks buddy.