It's like tinder for finding products

ClapOrSlap is like Tinder for Products. You can slap or clap πŸ‘ a product without knowing its number of upvotes πŸ‘ or makers on product hunt.
#WEIRD-Fact : 121 people have slapped Tesla 🀨.
#FUN-Fact : Ship 2.0 got the most claps πŸ’“
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Hi Makers πŸ‘‹, I have built a fun product - claporslapπŸ‘. While upvoting on PH people unconsciously upvote the product with highest upvotes or because of a bias towards a makers. So some of the good products never see the light of the day. ClapOrSlap shows you a recent random product without any upvotes or the name of the maker. It is an experiment to prove the above hypothesis. So far, we have seen some popular products getting a significant number of slaps. I will release the stats πŸ“ˆ soon . Happy clappingπŸ‘ or slapping 😜
@thisissidhant Nice idea, like the design too. Login with twitter is not that clear at first glance. I would also be tempted to remove the desertion and just have a product title so you can pump though it.
@nireyal Would love to hear your thoughts on @thisissidhant 's social experiment, which is - "What products people would prefer after removing the upvote count and maker bias." πŸ™‚
@thisissidhant @gautam__jain This is a very interesting way to prevent the bandwagon effect. Very curious to see the results.
@thisissidhant Congrats Siddhant, love this idea
@deadcoder0904 Thanks Akshay :D

i need some sound notifications





haha that's some badass review
I like the idea πŸ‘
@tim_schmidbauer Thanks a lot ! 😁
GREAT idea. How can I submit a site to you?
@kensavage For now you can ping me the product page and i will add it. We will soon launch a dashboard for makers to add their product. All ears for any other feedback.
@fajarsiddiq Thanksss Fajar ! You have been so helpful . Would love to meet you someday 😊. And yes i will add sound notifications, would make it really cool.