Discover promising music talents.

ClapCharts aims to early-detect & highlight promising music talents, based on listeners' attention. We talk to artists, listeners, music pros:

> iOS & Android app for listeners to discover new music

> for artists to promote their latest tracks

> ClapCharts Scouting for pros & media to see trending artists who got listeners validation

  • Olive C-w
    Olive C-wImprove the future ⎢Tech fan

    Look and feel is nice, songs too, no bug encountered


    More hip-hop !

    Nice design, songs are quite good for the most. I like the vote system and the personnal playlist. Like the Apple Music sync, is it planned to add Spotify ??

    Good job anyway.

    Olive C-w has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    App Design


    Interest based

    Personal suggestion


    Not much yet

    I have been using it since 4 month now and I use it quite often when my spotify digest keep repeating the same songs, Clapcharts is giving much more unknown talented artist.

    Maybe in the future a direct link to their social media could be nice. Right now it is only a quite hidden link to their website.

    Olivier deLamarzelle has used this product for one month.
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Axel Destagnol
Axel DestagnolMaker@axel_destagnol · CEO @ ClapCharts
Hello Product Hunters 😸 Very happy to be here today! ClapCharts is about promising music talents. It was built to help connecting the right artists with the right listeners and pros/media. We're 2 cofounders, both musicians and music lovers, and we noticed a few things that could be improved to facilitate the emergence of new artists: - There are not that many good sources to discover new music talents. - 99% of artists are a little lost when it comes to launching their music. - Media and professionals scout for new artists the same way they did 50 years ago. This leaves plenty of unused room for discoveries! Here is how we address this: Artists upload their latest tracks directly to ClapCharts, each track is aired in our discovery app, and the more listeners seem to enjoy a song, the more we give it visibility in our playlists. Media & pros (publishers, record companies, blogs, playlists publishers, streaming services, etc.) can connect to ClapCharts Scouting to see the songs that currently stand out with our audience and follow or get in touch with artists. Listeners are at the core of the process. The selection of songs is made by them, collaboratively and exclusively. Each song visibility is based on ratings at first and then on engagement data. Our algorithm is designed to ensure a visibility turnover. We hope you will discover great artists on ClapCharts! Please let us know what you think! If you have any questions, you can reach me at Cheers!
Joachim Mercier
Joachim MercierMaker@joakim_mercier · Co-founder & CTO @ ClapCharts
We almost forgot, we have a little gift for artists Product Hunters : 😻50% off for the first 3 months with the code PRODUCTHUNT Enjoy 🤟!
Juliana Vidal
Juliana Vidal@juliana_vidal · CEO Agence Cassian
Beautiful project !
Joachim Mercier
Joachim MercierMaker@joakim_mercier · Co-founder & CTO @ ClapCharts
Ewen Doo
Ewen Doo@ewen_doo
God it's so gonna be useful !
Axel Destagnol
Axel DestagnolMaker@axel_destagnol · CEO @ ClapCharts
@ewen_doo that's what we think too :)
Olivier deLamarzelle
Olivier deLamarzelle@tiekks · iOS Lead Dev
Amazing project with a great app design. I believe the app store is lacking of app like this one to improve our every day moments. From a Day 1 hunter, I hope this project goes far ! I have it on my phone now <3
Axel Destagnol
Axel DestagnolMaker@axel_destagnol · CEO @ ClapCharts
@tiekks big thanks!!