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#4 Product of the DayOctober 05, 2016
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Hi fellow hunters! We are thrilled to be featured today—big thank you to our hunter @erictwillis! (and to @bentossell for helping 🙃) We created Claire to make booking and managing flights simple and intuitive. Claire remembers your preferences and compares hundreds of flights so you don’t have to. We’ve built her with deep neural network algorithms, so she improves her flight curation for you continuously, because she learns from your behavior over time. With Claire we wanted to get rid of the annoying steps we have to go through when we book an airplane ticket. No more filling out of personal information and frequent flyer programs online, because Claire does that for you. Claire is on Slack, Facebook and has a mobile number, there is nothing you need to download. Our goal is to make travelling by plane simple and stress free without making airfares more expensive (as a travel agent would do). Claire taps into hundreds of deal sources to compare flight options. Her airfares come at market prices—no transaction fees, no markups. ✈️ This is our first rollout of the new interface. We’d be thrilled if you gave her a try and let us know what you think! 🚀
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@felicia_s_ @erictwillis @bentossell Thanks Feliecia - This looks like a great product. Was wondering if this product would also cater to the below use-case Target Segment - Aimless Wanderers/Eplorers who just want to travel to a new place within their budget Requirement - Cheapest Flight to any destination from a fixed origin point on a particular date/week Use case - List of flights sorted by price to any destination ( New York -> Any destination in Europe) on xx date?
@oyevibhor Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, this is not something we are focusing on with Claire. The best application of her assistance is in a segment quite opposite: frequent business travellers. What you are looking for is a case for @gillianim I believe. You should try her app Hitlist, it's amazing!
@oyevibhor That is something that Tripaya can do, though (
@felicia_s_ @oyevibhor @gillianim So most frequent business travelers will have airline status and preferred do you handle these cases? If I book through the airline app, all of my preferences and status-based perks are automatically taken care of...what about here?
@kbalakri We have built a control panel that is connected to Claire. Every traveler can set up their own account with Claire to personalize her. This is where stated preferences and frequent flyer information get stored. Many of our users have multiple preferred carriers. At the moment we are implementing a feature that allows instant miles comparison between carriers.... (one our favorite features!) 😉
Loved it! Congratulations. One thing I'd add to the UX is some feedback while I wait for a response. It could be something as simple as "Claire is typing..." a few seconds before the response. It feels slow otherwise. Keep up the good work!
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@ariel_janover I just gave up. Claire was taking too long to respond!
@ariel_janover Thanks Ariel, the UI is definitely something we can still tweak. We will look into this in our upcoming iteration! 👍🏻
@chhhris Hi Christopher, I'm terribly sorry. We did have a significant slowdown for about 2 hours, because we got to full capacity much faster than expected. Even though we are happy about the signups, it showed us how we can improve the system to make it more robust. Sorry for this not-at-all optimal experience!
Claire is a travel assistant powered by artificial intelligence. It's been trained to specifically to find the best airfares available. Booking flights becomes a breeze because Claire learns and remembers your preferences and frequent flyer programs. You can chat with Claire on Slack, Facebook or via text. She taps into hundreds of travel supply sources to find and compare flight options. Once you’ve booked a trip, she watches over your itinerary and sends real-time alerts to make sure you travel stress-free.
Great product, lovely team. All the best!
@bnjmnlbr Thanks! 🙂
Lots of competition in this space...what makes Claire different?
@bentossell Yup, good question! What makes Claire different is that we are using machine learning algorithms to offer the user a personal travel expert without charging a service premium. Just like a travel agent Claire gets to know her travellers, cancels and reschedules their flights and takes care that they travel without complications. Claire gets better with every interaction she performs. It was important to us to make Claire feel light-weight and easily accessible. She is a platform agnostic assistant currently reachable on Slack, Facebook and via text. For now we are focusing on solving the problem of air travel, because personalization is still a big challenge due to the antiquated structures of the industry — to top it off: unlike many other A.I. applications, Claire comes with a corporate travel management platform for small and medium-sized enterprises 😉
@felicia_s_ @bentossell Can you sum up the benefit to the user in a shorter way?
@boxcardavid Hi David, sure! Claire is an A.I. travel expert that saves you a lot of time when you travel by plane - without charging you a mark up or a transaction fee. Hope that helps!