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Hi everyone! We’re very excited to launch Claimdog today on Product Hunt. Claimdog lets you search to see if a business owes you money. There is over $60 billion of “unclaimed property” or “missing money” in the United States, and our mission is to increase the awareness and transparency around this issue. Unclaimed property is created when a business owes an individual or organization money, but wasn’t able to get it to them successfully. For example, say you forget to cash a check -- where does that money go? State governments require that a business must, by law, turn it over to them after a period of time has passed. Uncashed checks, stock dividends, checks to sent to old addresses, abandoned bank accounts or PayPal accounts, and inheritances are all common sources of these unclaimed property. The numbers are staggering -- there is over $60 billion owed. In California alone, approximately 32.5 million individuals / organizations are owed. We don’t know the exact figure, but across the US, between 1 in 5 and 1 in 10 people have money owed to them. So try it out and we’d love to hear your feedback!
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@dfinzer Congrats on launching, Devin! Great that you're able to help people claim money! Curious, how are *you* making money? ps, Nice post about celebrities who are owed money. Kayne could use the $37 owed from the Foot Locker:
@dfinzer you should have a feature where you can subscribe to your name and be alerted of future potential claims. For example I don't have anything to claim today but I would want to know about anything in the future I could claim.
@mccannatron Great idea! We really want to dig into the data more and figure out the frequency of these claims.
@dfinzer congratulations sir!!!
This is awesome. Just claimed an old utilities deposit I had no idea about. You guys made me $60 today!
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@nickatloot Awesome! Glad to hear you found money :)
Very cool. I think you should tweet this to Kanye West.. Just noticed that he has pretty much money to claim. Will surely help him get back on his feet :)
@jesseamper Definitely. Mark Zuckerberg has a few claims too, I'm sure he could use some extra cash.
@jesseamper Wow that's a great [marketing] idea!
@kimpham404 @jesseamper We've compiled a list of a few celebs here:
Very cool service for those who don't want to hassle with this process! Well done.
@williamdinkel Thanks! Excited to have people try it out.
Devin, this is awesome! You just made my family around $100 :O
@zoink Awesome! A little extra funding for your own startup :)