Get paid for delayed or cancelled flights

ClaimCompass is an automated claim filing and processing system. All you need is your flight details - we'll tell you if you can get some money back and take care of all the nasty work.

Laduram Vishnoi
Alexander Naydenov
Кирил Веков
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  • Alexander Naydenov
    Alexander NaydenovCo-founder of PaperHive

    * awesome value - you get a few hundred bucks with no effort, their team does everything for you

    * amazing customer service


    * none that I can think of

    Last summer, I got 450 EUR (ca. 500 USD) thanks to ClaimCompass after a Vancouver-Frankfurt flight of mine was cancelled. My vacation got way cooler.

    Alexander Naydenov has used this product for one year.
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Laduram Vishnoi
Laduram Vishnoi@laduramvishnoi · CEO at Acquire
great value for flight cancellation hassle.