ClaimCompass is an automated claim filing and processing system. All you need is your flight details - we'll tell you if you can get some money back and take care of all the nasty work.

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I love, love, love this travel hacker tool. It’s SUPER simple and easy to use: I just shared my flight and booking number and with a few clicks my claim was complete. About 4 weeks later I received an email letting me know that I am entitled to $680 in compensation from the airline, and I had a check nearly 2 days later.
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@writerpollock YC danish founded has done this for a long time... and got the legal teams how is this mind blowing?
I'm waiting for a 4 hour delayed flight right now. Good timing on this hunt @writerpollock !
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@mrjasongrad the universe knows 🙏🏻
@writerpollock Can't wait until this comes to the USA!!!
@writerpollock thanks for hunting us! Flight delays, cancellations and overbookings are part of travel - what matters is what happens next. We're here to spread the word and help passengers get the compensation they're legally entitled to. @tatyana_mitkova, @vshulev and myself are happy to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have!
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(Un)fortunately I had to use the service... I was pretty pissed when my flight was delayed with 4 hours, but I loved it when I received reimbursement.
End to all of these delayed flights!