Free legally-valid timestamps for your files, ideas & art.

Claimby is a free timestamping service for ideas, art, files, or any other type of intellectual property. It is backed by the Ethereum blockchain. Simply choose a file and it will be hashed using a secure SHA-3 algorithm, and it's unique hash written to the blockchain (nothing is uploaded). This hash + blockchain transaction serve as your proof!

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Founder @,
Hey all, Claimby is a dApp I whipped up for the #24hrstartup challenge. It requires a Web3 enabled browser in order to use (I recommend Chrome + MetaMask!). Claimby helps you protect your intellectual property by creating a blockchain timestamped proof of existence for any file or piece of text. While it isn't the same as filing a patent or copyright, it is still proof that you possessed that file or idea at that exact moment in time. As of recently, China and many U.S. states (Arizona, California, Ohio, Tennessee, Wyoming) have ruled blockchain timestamps as court-admissible evidence & valid e-signatures. Many of these ruling are recent (within the last 2 months), so it seemed like the perfect time to make this. It's free to use, except for standard Ethereum network fees. Most of my test transactions have cost < $0.02. Hope you like it!
Have you considered integrating with some decentralized identity projects (e.g. Bloom) so that you an attest ownership and the timestamp with your digital/decentralized ID as well?
So...this product is broken...getting two console errors: "HyperMask is not defined" on page load and "web3 is not defined" on file upload with file reader. The spinner just spins.