Cladwell for Men

Your personal guide to style.

Unlike the rest of the fashion industry, Cladwell focuses on what people wear everyday, not on what to buy. We give you daily outfit recommendations using the weather and the clothes you already own (And no... you don't have to take any photos).

Forget shopping. Let Cladwell help you create a minimal wardrobe and get dressed every day. Download

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Dammit, I want to try this. On Android.
@hellosmoore Hey Shannon - Thanks for this. Android is in the works. Unfortunately, iOS and Android are built on different code bases. As a startup, we had to go with one first - in hopes we would see a positive response and could build the other. Hope you'll join the waiting list and be the first to try it once it's live.
Interesting app. May I ask how you came up with the pricing model for it?
@si_chen Trial with a whole lot of error. But overall, we wanted to match the pricing model to the daily styling not to having to sell customers more clothes they didn't necessarily need.
Hey Guys, After initially launching for women, we've been counting down the days to also launch the app for men. The men's app was inspired by Blake Smith (CEO) and his apparent love/hate relationship with his closet. We're constantly iterating and would seriously love your feedback. We've created (available on iOS- Would like to hear your thoughts on Cladwell!
this is brilliant!

Cladwell is a total scam. Do not buy into it!


Absolutely nothing


Very basic, stone aged software. Might as well spin a wheel of random clothes to find out what to wear. To me, it is a huge waste of money.