Civilization VI

The newest entry in the Civ series is here

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Scott WinterrothΒ β€” Co-Founder at
Need Mac version!
@swinterroth port is being worked on, no release date yet.
Seb JachecΒ β€” Studying, coding, designing, gaming.
@swinterroth Coming soon, apparently!
Paul unr MorrisonΒ β€” Web Developer, Loot Market
@swinterroth Released yesterday, I believe. Up on the App Store right now. :)
Scott WinterrothΒ β€” Co-Founder at
@iamunr Yes, it is! Thanks!
Jake CrumpΒ β€” Community Team with Product Hunt
I'm so excited that this is finally out. I'll definitely be spending a huge amount of time with this game.
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