Online news, TV + social media monitoring in real-time.

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CivicFeed's media monitoring platform scours millions of news, social media, government webpages and tv/radio broadcasts to help you understand public opinion, stay up-to-date on your competitors and industry, or find journalists to talk to.

  • Laurie Hasencamp
    Laurie Hasencampretired lawyer

    I've seen a demo - this is so easy to use - makes an important but complex system accessible


    None so far

    Politics is a constantly moving target and it's not easy to follow the status of legislation or the policy positions of politicians. This tool makes it much easier to access this kind of information quickly. Should be useful for lawyers, lobbyists, politicians and their staff, corporate compliance departments, the interested public - anybody, really!

    Laurie Hasencamp has never used this product.
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  • Pros:Β 

    Simple interface, great tracking capabilities, easy to use (no growing pains in learning how to use!)


    None at the moment- it just keeps growing and developing too

    Being able to use Civicfeed has been awesome. It is extremely user friendly, integrates into my daily work well and always has new features that are innovative. Highly recommend for those in political/lobbying/legal field.

    Janine Kiray has used this product for one month.
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Nick Loui
Nick LouiMaker@nloui Β· Co-Founder, CivicFeed
Hey PH, excited to be hunted 😺! CivicFeed was born out of a personal frustration of not being able to understand the laws, organizations, and people that affect myself and the people I care about. With over 8,500 bills/resolutions in front of Congress and only 7% that pass on average - there was a lot to unpack (not even including the states!). For businesses and people, this is really important. McKinsey reported that aside from customers, government action is the largest component that affects revenue (anywhere from 30% to 50% in the banking sector), and for all of us - it's our livelihood. So, we leaned on our team's experience working on algorithms for the NSA and the DoD and built a product that brings government affairs into the modern world. Thanks for listening!
Matt Henderson πŸš€
Matt Henderson πŸš€Hunter@juhaszhenderson Β· Building 24 products this year (14/24) πŸš€
@nloui is a fantastic guy working on solving one of the toughest problems in our society. Excited to see where CivicFeed goes! πŸŽ‰
Nick Loui
Nick LouiMaker@nloui Β· Co-Founder, CivicFeed
@juhaszhenderson thanks Matt!