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Mike Coutermarsh
@mscccc · Code @ Product Hunt
Would be really useful to have a "Crime" filter as well. So you know where not to stay :) Happens in SF a lot where a hotel 1 street over has a really good price, but turns out it's in a bad area (since it can go from good to bad here in 1 block).
Kevin Mullett
@kmullett · Dir. of Visibility & SM, MarketSnare
If you included photography spots, pulled from 500px, flickr, Instagram, Google as well as Facebook if they expose that in the API, I would love you long time. This would be a huge photography scouting tool, with the ability to plan where to stay to be close to those areas at the same time. Ping me if you want to chat about it.
Dario Langella
@ids12 · iOS Developer & Art Designer
Really love this!
@_ingmar_ · Product Manager
I tried it, instantly got super meaningful results, even in my home town. I will definitely use it to plan my next city trip. Great Job, this is a great example how data points can be combined to create a more meaningful experience! Improvement: The clusters you build are named oddly, even as a local I don't know what they are referring to. Maybe make these … See more
Kunal Bhatia
@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Doing some hotel bookings now, and I'm going back to check if the hotels I'm about to book fall within the "hot zones" 😊 I will use this rather than a combo of TripAdvisor/Hipmunk/Hilton/SPG sites to figure this out after looking at Google Trips...phew!  See more