Cityfalcon 2.0

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Even though it looks like every market is crashing at this point, this is an awesome tool to gain insight into stocks through social media, publications etc.
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@benln You guys must have done a lot of planning to pull that off.
@benln Many thanks for your kind words.
Hi everyone, Ruzbeh here, I founded CityFALCON from my bedroom 18 months back :) CityFALCON creates a level-playing field in financial news for ALL investors. We source and collate financial big data, and then using the power of social media and crowd curation, provide a comprehensive and timely resource for investors. We believe access to this data should be available to all who need it, not simply the institutions that can afford it. This is why CityFALCON is completely FREE for retail investors; we make money from business solutions. We are also delighted to have won at Twitter's global start-up competition 2015 at their HQ in SF - It's is only the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey, and we are striving for ways to improve our service. Please do let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. cheers, Ruz
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@ruzbehb love the vision! Impressive to see how far you have come in 18 months.
@koomerang Thanks, it's not been easy but a fun ride for sure :)
I was looking for a decent alternative to Bloomberg for Android for a while, having spent 6 years in investment banking. Definitely will give it a try. A mobile app in the plans?
Hi @romanzadyrako yes, mobile apps and notifications are on the roadmap. In the meanwhile, you could try out the responsive versions through your mobile browser. We'll make some significant changes to the responsive version in the next month or so. Let me know if you have any feedback :)
@ruzbehb Perfect. Thanks
Brilliant timing. The world needs this. Gonna try it!
@yoavvilner Thanks for your kind words and support! :)
Hey awesome tech and obviously perfect timing. I love the idea/execution of showing transparent information. For a day trader it is pretty incredible data/news at ones finger tips. Who is your main target market at the moment? More day trader ?
Hi @jamesknaus - Thanks for your kind words. Real-time information is not only relevant for day traders but also for long term investors. Use case - I had Blackberry in my portfolio. The stock crashed 10% on market open and that made me restless. What should I do? Sell, hold or buy more? CityFALCON highlighted that the stock was downgraded by a major brokerage. I don't care about that, held onto my stock and went back to my day job. We are building a platform that can adapt to the needs of anyone who needs financial news - traders, investors, consulting / research firms, banks, regulators, hedge funds. Our news coverage is comprehensive (200+ publications and Twitter), real-time, and relevant to users, their portfolios and needs.
@ruzbehb Awesome! My only constructive criticism would be to find a better way to onboard depending on the different kind of users. Much like how you ask the question "what kind of investor are you"? Your greatest strength is the wealth of information that you are giving to your users (which is AMAZING) but naturally with that comes displaying it to them in a meaningful way.
@jamesknaus absolutely agree with you. We should be live with our on-boarding feature next sprint. btw, thanks for spending time with the product, and keep your feedback coming in.
@ruzbehb Resigned up for CityFALCON and the on-boarding is VASTLY inproved. One small bug was that when I clicked the "new to investing" and went through the onboard it deleted the stocks that I had been following before. However amazing job, I use it 5+ times a day
@jamesknaus Thanks a ton for your kind words and using us regularly :) We'll look into the bug. Also, ping me if you have any more comments or suggestions.