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Hola everyone, over the last one year, we at CityFALCON, have significantly improved our news relevancy and personalisation algorithm, improved the user experience, and integrated to allow trading through your broker from within CityFALCON. All of our services to retail audience remain FREE. We now not only help the pros in the markets but also want to help newbies get started in the stock markets - check out - we help newbies create their first watchlist to track, explain financial concepts through easy-to-understand videos and other content, and allow them to trade with $10K virtual money. We’ve also launched an API for consumers and businesses to access most of the news data to build apps and/or integrate within various systems or sites. We charge a small fee to businesses for this service. Let me know if you have any questions about the product or anything else :) PS: We are also raising funds through equity crowdfunding to grow our business. Check out
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I love this product. Really do. Good luck with the hunt!
@yoavvilner Thanks, keep giving us feedback.
I'm glad to see CityFALCON hunted. It's a very passionate team with great technology. All the best with the fundraising efforts!
@dgiol Thank you for your kind words :)
For light-weight Finance News, give a whirl.
Interesting. I love how it does tailor the news to my portfolio.
@simone_d_amico Thanks, we are looking to improve it even further :)