City Roads

Open source, visualization of all roads within any city.

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 26, 2020
Search for your city. The data is fetched from OpenStreetMap using overpass API.
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This is so cool! I wanted to make laser cut images of maps but couldn’t get good vector graphics to scale. Where’d your inspiration come from?
@max_omdal thank you! I was playing with graphs and liked how they look :). You can probably see how inspiration was gradually forming if you check my Twitter profile from early January: - from a few toys to this. It is still just a toy, but I'm happy other people also enjoy playing with it!
I love it! Thanks a ton for creating this!
@ludwig_stumpp thank you! I'm very happy to hear that!
This is absolutely amazing, great stuff! Are you planning on adding something like an Amenities filter? Similar to the overpass API?
@anan_batra thank you! I'm not very familiar with overpass. What would Amenities filter do?
@anvaka a filter that would pin point certain amenities on the map like - water, toilets etc.
@anan_batra ah, I see! Yes I'm working on something very much related. It should allow you to add to the map results of multiple osm queries. Not sure yet how the UI is going to look, but API is almost there
@anvaka amazing! Can't wait!
This is so bloody awesome!
This is beautiful.