City Map Retro Posters

Simple yet stunning posters with city maps.

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Hi All, My name is Hubert and I am the designer of Retro Map Posters at Super to excited to be on Product Hunt and look forward to all your feedback. Thanks.
@hubertuz How do you do it? What is the process involved for you as designer?
@yvoschaap Well I do everything. First of all I have map data form an open source. Than I just design :) I choose style, colors, patterns that fits my current project. For this one I had to do much research about vintage and retro posters, to understand graphic design behind it.
Love love love! But, how can I not find a price anywhere?
@benkimotwichell Thanks :) After you press "Pricing Details" you see all items. The price depends on what product you wish to get with this "pattern". It could be a poster (from 20$), phone case, pillow etc.
UI feedback: "I want to know more" doesn't sound like it'll take me to the pricing page. I'd suggest "Go to Store…", "Visit Store" or "Pricing Details…" instead. Took me a while to figure out that was the button I was after.
@adrianthomas Thanks for the feedback. I'm on it :)
Love this! Nice job.
These are fantastic! Love the fact that there are different color schemes. Will make perfect perfect holiday presents. Thanks! More cities please :) @hubertuz
Thank you @davidsfeng for the good word :) I will work on new cities :)