City Filter

Travel to the right cities at the right time

City Filter lets you filter cities (and districts!) by cost, weather, safety, and more, so you can find the best time of the year to travel to or to live in your ideal cities.
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Hi everyone! I made City Filter because I needed a way to visualize all my options when traveling as a digital nomad throughout the year. Please note that some important cities are still missing and will be added soon :) Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
Nice, I love the compact interface and colors. Very tidy and neat designed!
@levelsio Thanks Pieter! That took a lot of iterations haha. And there is still a lot that can be done to make it better.
Been looking for a tool like this. awesome work !
@leemallon Thanks! Is there anything that would make it more useful to you personally?
@verekia being able to select the cities so when login I would just see say the 20 cities I am going to visit rather than the regions. So like under Canada I could hide everything apart from Vancouver and Ottawa then under USA see just New York and Vegas. Minor secondary though maybe difficult to offer a weekly view, maybe for the coming 8 weeks if data isn't available that granular further out.
@leemallon Thanks for the ideas! I can definitely make it possible to manually filter out some cities. Will probably do that soon. For the weekly view, it would mean approximating the data based on the 2 months, and it would pretty much look like 8 boxes of the same color instead of 2. So probably not. But as a workaround you can filter by the current month in the Weather filter, or just clicking the month letters at the top of the table.
Hi, Jonathan! I came across your project and I love love love everything about it!!! It's so brilliant and I wonder how come there wasn't one before this! As a travel enthusiast with a type A personality, I'm always looking for my options on what is the next perfect place I can travel cheap & at the right weather. I'm a UI/UX designer located in Chicago. But this site really inspired me to reach out to you. So I was wondering if you want to collaborate on this site to make it even more visually accessible and just spice it up the user interface of it? :) I just signed up to the Product Hunt to leave a comment here, so I'm sorry if this is not meant to be how the site is used...
@celeste_you Hey! Can you message me on Twitter, Facebook or email? You can find links on Cheers!
Looks really co... All in one saves lots of time in searching over Google... I really like it...can you tell which regions are captured as of now and I'm future which regions are in plan to capture?
@kp931987 Good to hear :) There are still a lot of countries missing in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and Africa. For the rest most countries are here, I'll add smaller cities whenever possible.