Stay safe with instant alerts about nearby crime

#5 Product of the DayMarch 09, 2017

Get instant alerts to your phone whenever a crime happens nearby. Now active in NYC & the SF Bay Area. Available on iOS & Android.


  • Pros: 

    Immediate access to news about surroundings


    Never realized how dangerous working on Fulton Street could be until Citizen. The con to this app is the shattering of blissful ignorance.

    A life-long New Yorker, there were many times that I would see something from afar but have no idea what was happening. Even Google News was not quick enough to report. With Citizen, I am more informed about my surroundings.

    Eleni Palmos has used this product for one year.


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Mohamed Yunus@tweetyunus · CEO Everyly.
@Andrew_frame The idea underneath is actually a solver. Citizen would be great if it includes more than just crime f.i. a calamity, gas leaks, firespread and many whatsoever that affects a citizen. Another lifesaver would be to add crime prospects ahead than alerting after the crime has happened. +1 will thank the product. Practically, this product would have saved two lives easily had it was known/launched a month back. Anyways, more power to the team and the product.
Dainis Kanopa@dainiskanopa · Helping to launch
@tweetyunus @andrew_frame 911 should think this way by default as they are gathering most of emergency information.
Matthew Boyle@matthewboyle25 · Matt
@tweetyunus What do you mean by "to add crime prospects"?
Mohamed Yunus@tweetyunus · CEO Everyly.
@matthewboyle25 Alerts Over Suspicions!
Andrew FrameMakerHiring@andrew_frame · dreamer/builder
@tweetyunus Our mission is to reduce crime and save lives. I'm curious, can you tell me how the two lives might have been saved by the app? We get hundreds of gas leaks, minor car accidents, commercial burglary alarm, and other minor incidents which either end up being false alarms or aren't important enough to meet our criteria on what goes into the app. There are nearly 10,000 calls to 911 just in NYC every day. Only around 500 make it into the NYC version of the app.
Matthew Boyle@matthewboyle25 · Matt
@andrew_frame @tweetyunus 10,000 911 calls in one city alone is crazy.
Andrew FrameMakerHiring@andrew_frame · dreamer/builder
Today, we are launching Citizen. We are excited to release it to NYC users. Let us know what you think!
Leonel More@leonelmore · I can build/scale your product
@andrew_frame I love the video and the concept. There is an app developed in Uruguay years ago pretty similar How do you differentiate from them?
Dainis Kanopa@dainiskanopa · Helping to launch
less you know , longer you will live
Galina Divakova@kengu_rut · 5 years in mobile app advertising
Stephen@stephenalan · PM | USPTO
Ivo Dimitrov@gogola · Product Director at Modulbank
Only USA App Store. 😔 Do you know that a lot of people in NY from other countries? But anyway cool idea.
Thibault Milan@thibaultmilan · Product Designer & UX crafter @ KPMG Lu
@gogola going to NYC in 2 weeks, would have to make a try :/ too bad
JD MarescoMakerHiring@jdmaresco · operations hacker
@thibaultmilan @gogola You have to be in NYC to sign up but we're looking into allowing downloads from the other app stores. Thanks for the comment.
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Sheriff Ventures
This app was banned by the App store it use to be uder another name Vigilante: Crime-reporting app Vigilante kicked off App Store over Apple's content concerns. Apple has removed the crime-reporting app Vigilante from the App Store less than a week after it launched amid fears that it could be dangerous, according to reports from The Guardian and several other publications. This is dangerous for people of color, for people like myself, I'm originally from New York...wonderful to see I have another thing to worry about in the city.
Samuel Cardillo Lespes@samuelcardillo · Xoogler & Tech advisor
Hi @nicholassheriff, I think you should really read their blog post ( where they explain how they learned from Vigilante and how Citizen App is different. Also, just to pinpoint a very important fact, people are not reporting crime in-app but only display in "real-time" ongoing 911 alerts which are coming from the dispatch center of the police and not from a private party as Vigilante was.
Andrew Erdle@gooderdle
@samuelcardillo @nicholassheriff @crimenomore just "reporting" is still an issue for people of color and many others. separate example: had a friend that was in a helicopter in Iraq, they would receive an alert to look out for militants in a white truck... everyone had a white truck.
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Sheriff Ventures
@gooderdle @samuelcardillo @crimenomore They don't care, Andrew, they aren't black, everyone is white on their team and they have their goal they want to reach all cost. This product is specifically designed, the system the deployment all of it is designed to celebrate profiling. Probably hasn't heard of Trayvon Martin...this company hasn't changed lol learned from their mistakes what that wasn't a mistake it's how this entire team actually thinks they are absolutely ok if black people are gun downed and lynched, killed they do not care at all.
Samuel Cardillo Lespes@samuelcardillo · Xoogler & Tech advisor