Dynamic map content to virtually any platform

First of all, a big thank you to @gregoiregilbert for hunting The target customers for this product fall into a couple of categories. The largest market would be app developers with the need to integrate dynamic maps into web or mobile applications. Following the release of our open source product, we had a lot of feedback that product creators were looking for more better options to integrate maps into apps. We have developed SDKs for almost all key development platforms including iOS, Android, Python, node.js. We also understand the cost sensitivity to developers and have leveraged the technology to be able to bring these tools to the market and affordable prices for those just getting started.
Cited is the new product by the guys at MapFig. @davidghedini & @robertwilliger please tell us who's your ideal client of this solution?
Thank you @gregoiregilbert - we have put together a public instance at
On the SDK end, we have an iOS/Java demo at and for PHP
We will be in the comments throughout the day so if you have any questions at all please let us know here or on Twitter.