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#5 Product of the DayMarch 30, 2015
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Hi Product Hunt friends! We just released the first version of Cite. An app to help you make your reading recommendations on Twitter visually more pleasing. It's a bit barebone at the moment but we're planing to add different themes and stuff like that soon. I'm here to answer your questions. <3
Hi @uarrr Love the idea and the design of cite; it's a simple idea executed really well. Are there any plans to bring it to the desktop, possibly in the form of a Chrome Extension?
@farpixel Absolutely! We're working on it right now. :)
@uarrr hey! There's a small typo on the page. It should be "worth reading" thought you should know!
@cwrichardkim Thanks, Richard! Will be fixed. :)
@uarrr Hi this is awesome. Really clean and elegant design. One quick question - It sometimes fails to load the web when I paste longer link.
Execution looks great. Well done! I hope you plan on expanding this to more platforms, rather than just tweets. Imagine a decentralised where you can annotate and share any piece of content you come across. Follow people who's world perspective inspire you, discover what they are reading, etc. I worked on this idea years ago, but failed due to lack of experience and perhaps the then lacking interoperability of media consumption software. (This was pre-iPad). I think your current app is a great starting point though. Very simple, but with huge potential. Start small, think big. Next step user profiles? In terms of distribution creating a WordPress plugin for bloggers to use might be an interesting approach as well. A Cite-optimized tweet button could potentially drive more traffic than a regular tweet button.
@marckohlbrugge We're not absolutely new to this either. We built something called before, a social reading platform with the same goals you described. And yeah, sharing to other platforms will be one of the first things we add.
Neat product. On your website, is there a way to make the embedded tweets fall back to images? Users with adblock won't see them otherwise!
@uarrr I almost used this today. I created a quote and loved the layout, but couldn't find out how to change the purple background. Since I wanted a neutral background or one in our school colors, I ended up using OneShot (which I'm also quite fond of): Any plans to customize background color?
@teecycletim Absolutely. Our plan at the moment are different themes. :)