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#5 Product of the DayMarch 30, 2015
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Marcel Wichmann
Marcel WichmannMaker@uarrr · Product Designer, mytaxi
Hi Product Hunt friends! We just released the first version of Cite. An app to help you make your reading recommendations on Twitter visually more pleasing. It's a bit barebone at the moment but we're planing to add different themes and stuff like that soon. I'm here to answer your questions. <3
Josh Farrant
Josh Farrant@farpixel · Front-End Developer at Nimvelo
Hi @uarrr Love the idea and the design of cite; it's a simple idea executed really well. Are there any plans to bring it to the desktop, possibly in the form of a Chrome Extension?
Marcel Wichmann
Marcel WichmannMaker@uarrr · Product Designer, mytaxi
@farpixel Absolutely! We're working on it right now. :)
Richard kim
Richard kim@cwrichardkim · dev | Google,, Drift, twindr
@uarrr hey! There's a small typo on the page. It should be "worth reading" thought you should know!
Marcel Wichmann
Marcel WichmannMaker@uarrr · Product Designer, mytaxi
@cwrichardkim Thanks, Richard! Will be fixed. :)
James Shen
James Shen@jamesgungun · Co founder & CEO of Trigger.
@uarrr Hi this is awesome. Really clean and elegant design. One quick question - It sometimes fails to load the web when I paste longer link.
Marc Köhlbrugge
Marc Köhlbrugge@marckohlbrugge · Founder of BetaList
Execution looks great. Well done! I hope you plan on expanding this to more platforms, rather than just tweets. Imagine a decentralised where you can annotate and share any piece of content you come across. Follow people who's world perspective inspire you, discover what they are reading, etc. I worked on this idea years ago, but failed due to lack of experience and perhaps the then lacking interoperability of media consumption software. (This was pre-iPad). I think your current app is a great starting point though. Very simple, but with huge potential. Start small, think big. Next step user profiles? In terms of distribution creating a WordPress plugin for bloggers to use might be an interesting approach as well. A Cite-optimized tweet button could potentially drive more traffic than a regular tweet button.
Marcel Wichmann
Marcel WichmannMaker@uarrr · Product Designer, mytaxi
@marckohlbrugge We're not absolutely new to this either. We built something called before, a social reading platform with the same goals you described. And yeah, sharing to other platforms will be one of the first things we add.
A@abhoopathy · Design Co-Founder @ Point
Neat product. On your website, is there a way to make the embedded tweets fall back to images? Users with adblock won't see them otherwise!
Tim Cigelske
Tim Cigelske@teecycletim · Social Media Director, Marquette Unive…
@uarrr I almost used this today. I created a quote and loved the layout, but couldn't find out how to change the purple background. Since I wanted a neutral background or one in our school colors, I ended up using OneShot (which I'm also quite fond of): Any plans to customize background color?
Marcel Wichmann
Marcel WichmannMaker@uarrr · Product Designer, mytaxi
@teecycletim Absolutely. Our plan at the moment are different themes. :)