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Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · No-coder 👉
Looks like this is still pretty early stage but I like the simplicity of the site Shows you: - Things to see - Where to eat - Whats happening Simples! The info comes from Wikitravel, Yelp, Yahoo and Eventbrite
Nick Zieber
Nick Zieber@nzieber · Tech & Startups Community in Hong Kong
@bentossell Agree! Simple is Great
Crystal Chen
Crystal Chen@crystalchen · Community Manager, Quire
Love the simple and clean look. My dad, who's now retired and must escape the country every 6 months, would really appreciate this app! Thanks for sharing it. Oh and the weather info is pretty sweet!
Vilém Ries
Vilém RiesMaker@vilemries · UI Designer
Hi guys, Citadela is a simple site providing essential information about any larger city like points of interest or recommendations for places where to eat. It's still in relatively early stage and will grow in the near future.
Thunayan Em
Thunayan Em@thunayan · Skies
Who is the creator or founder of this project (Citadela)?
Vilém Ries
Vilém RiesMaker@vilemries · UI Designer
@thunayan that would be me! :)
Thunayan Em
Thunayan Em@thunayan · Skies
@vilemries Neat and simple