Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark is where all your work lives.

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Tightens the 'slack' in Slack :-) . Slack but with all the things that you wish slack also did [properly]. Namely realtime media such as voice and video. Integrates with video conferencing hardware as well as digital white boarding. Nice user experiences beyond just messaging. The online meeting capability is 2nd to none in my opinion.


A single client that delivers Enterprise Messaging, Meeting and Calling capabilities


Can be difficult to keep with all the new features!

Cisco launched Spark, which looks and feels very much like Slack. The strategy behind the move is simple: Cisco, in an effort to keep its longstanding hold on the workplace communications world, is trying to use its might to squash Slack’s startup appeal for its enterprise customers. Announced at its annual Collaboration Summit 9 months ago, the new features allow Spark users to not only participate in voice and video calls, but also alternate between phones, computers and desktops. The new features also work with Cisco’s meeting hardware, meaning that calls made on a Spark-enabled Cisco phone will also open up an adjoining meeting room to exchange information. Read more from The Verge:
@boymeetscode even their logo icon is Slacking
Big updates today for Cisco Spark. Been using it this year and love the simplicity. Now they've added whiteboard integration and a much deeper API & SDK offering. Hashtag #LeaveYourMark on twitter is what they're using for the announcement today!