Task management for real teams

Collaborate in teams and organize tasks and projects. See who is responsible with clear priorities and due dates. Access files and conversations within the app in each task and project. Create task triggers and automate your work flow in new ways.

The app is for Mac, iOS, Web & Android, completely free to use, and in English, Spanish, and German.

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Hey everyone! Cirkus is for teams and groups that rely on communication, task management, and project organization to get real work done. Cirkus offers all the basic project and task management features that you’d expect like due dates, assignees, comments, and file attachments, as well as advanced features such as project templates, custom fields, and task triggers that support complex, repetitive workflows. Cirkus can be used as a Web App, iPhone App, macOS desktop App, and we’ve recently launched our Android Beta. Here are some of the features... TASK MANAGEMENT • Assign a single task to multiple people using Roles • See the status of each person contributing to a task or project • Smart reminders keep everyone on track • Customize views to visualize your priorities TEAM COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION • Conversations, files, and project scope all in one place • Eliminate need for email threads and third party file storage • Private conversations within tasks and projects keep everyone focused • Swipe to reply to comments or force touch on notifications ADVANCED FEATURES (for free!) • Create task templates to save time on recurring tasks • Automate your workflow with task triggers • Set up permission profiles to collaborate with freelancers and temporary workers • Organizations/teams clarify team management and workflow COLLABORATION • Easily invite team members to Cirkus • Integrate freelancers into your projects with the right level of privacy • Assign tasks and see current progress across teams and groups If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch at or drop us a comment here. We’d love to hear from you.
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Using it on a daily basis to keep track of what I and my colleagues need to do.


easy collaboration on projects and tasks


not possible to export an overview of tasks to excel

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Really handy for a dev team collaboration, progress tracking, team communication. Multiplatform is a big + also.


clean interface, powerful, highly customisable


I wish I could integrate with slack

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Thanks for the feedback @jdsaj_dnsjanasn -- Great news, we're actually working on an integration for slack right now and expect it to become available in the coming months. Is there any specific action you'd especially like to see integrated with slack? Thanks for your time.
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